Yoga for Body Mind Soul


Meditation is a technique for physical, mental, and spiritual development that offers innumerable benefits. Throughout the world, seekers of the truth and followers of diverse disciplines practice daily meditation to achieve their material and spiritual goals. Many people meditate to obtain better health. Increasingly hospitals are making use of meditation in the treatment of high blood pressure and patients with heart problems and other health conditions.

With regular practice, meditation enables one to become aware of their spiritual identity. We identify with the body however we must become aware that we are much more than just the flesh and bones. In the process, the mind is shifted from the external to the internal and starts to absorb the attributes of the Spirit: truth, bliss, peace, knowledge, love, and light.  

Meditation is an essential technique for peace of mind, radiant health, and everlasting happiness, and is primarily a technique for spiritual development. It is the most important inner practice and the gateway to reach Self-realization. It is through meditation that one becomes aware of the inner self and eventually reaches the state of supreme bliss, in union (Yog) with the universal soul (Creator).

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