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108 Pearls of Wisdom by Swami Chidanand 108 Pearls of Wisdom

Presented as poems, 108 Pearls of Wisdom contains universal knowledge and unconditional love. It is a book for anyone who contemplates life and what our purpose may be. With this awareness one may develop inner faith and strength, which is necessary to persevere through lifes many challenges.

108 Pearls of Wisdom is a work of divine love presented as uniquely formulated poems that invite and share a practical approach into the ancient science of yoga. May the messages inspire discovery of the unchanging true inner being, and ultimately lead to the peace that passes all understanding.


Available in hardcover ($20) and paperback ($15).

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Hardcover: $20.00

Paperback: $15.00

108 Pearls of Wisdom

Hardcover: $20.00

Paperback: $15.00

108 Pearls of WisdomTable of Contents:

1) A Gift
2) Always Think of Him
3) Attachments
4) Baby’s Promise
5) Baggage
6) Best Friend
7) Blind
8) Bonds of Affection
9) Brand New Start
10) Breath of Life
11) Caught in the Web
12) Changing Garments
13) Choose Wisely
14) Clear Vision
15) Co-exist
16) Collective Karma
17) Compassion
18) Creator
19) Dear Guruji
20) Destiny
21) Divine Frequency
22) Do Not Ignore Him
23) Don’t Let the World Get In
24) Dreaming of Love
25) Elements of Creation
26) Endless Love
27) Feed the Soul
28) Final Chapter
29) Five Bosses
30) Flow With the Tides
31) Forever
32) Free Yourself
33) Gateway
34) Give and Receive
35) Go Deeper
36) God’s Love
37) Good and Evil
38) Grand Creation
39) He is With You
40) His Voice
41) Holy Temple
42) Hurry Up
43) I’m Coming Home
44) I Am Right Here
45) Illusion of Death
46) In His Image
47) Inner Awareness
48) It’s All a Dream
49) Journey
50) Knock On His Door
51) Law of Karma
52) Let the Light Appear
53) Letting Go
54) Liberation
55) Live Your Life
56) Lost and Found
57) Love For All
58) Make a Change
59) Man is a Psychic Being
60) Merged in the Ocean
61) Monkey Mind
62) Mother Nature
63) Moving On
64) My Beloved
65) Nature’s Way
66) New Identity
67) No Need to Travel
68) No Regrets
69) O Great One
70) Oscar Winning Role
71) Perseverance
72) Pleading Soul
73) Pleasure and Pain
74) Preceptor
75) Procreation
76) Reality
77) Real Love
78) Reflection
79) Reincarnation
80) Return to You
81) Running
82) Seek Him
83) Service
84) Silence
85) Sinner to Saint
86) Sixth Sense
87) Smile
88) Sow Positive Seeds
89) Spiritual Being
90) Sweet Lord
91) Take Everything
92) Talk is Cheap
93) Temporary Body
94) The Devotee and Devoted
95) The One I Love
96) Tightest Bond
97) Time is Ticking
98) Transformation
99) Transition
100) Unity in Diversity
101) We Are the Cause
102) Welcome Home
103) Well-Wisher
104) What You’re Here For
105) Witness of Three States
106) World of Wanderers
107) Yoga
108) You Have It All



Dreaming of Love
Nothing like a daydream
Helps the time to pass
We lose ourselves in imagery
While we do our tasks.

Traveling so many miles
Places far and wide
Colors are so dazzling
Festival for the mind.

Full of hopes and dreams
Memories so clear
It is very obvious
we want to leave from here.

Many things are conjured up
Wishing they’d take place
The one that’s universal
is the fruit of love to taste.

This is in the mind of man
Different ways for all
No matter how you size it up
The craving isn’t small.

Teenager has the puppy love
Married by middle age
If a senior is alone
He’s hoping for a mate.

Oh so many dreams of love
Circling the head
At the root is love for God
The One that we neglect.

The mind is so imaginative
You don’t have to dream
All the love you’re wishing for
Is right within your reach.

Every dream your heart contains
Feelings that arise
Take them all and multiply them
by a trillion times.

The mind cannot envision
all the love inside of you
A quantity unimaginable
It never can produce.

Locate the Highest love of all
He is who to seek
The Father of the universe
Gives so generously.

The greatest thing that He gives
Love beyond compare
The purest love that ever was
Forever it is there.

God is love and so are you
What are you dreaming of?
Let the dreams come to life
Lose yourself in love.

Feed the Soul
So much time and energy
the body does receive
Eating, drinking
wash and clothe
It’s our priority.

We eat to please the tongue
It loves the food and sweet
Obsessing on the flesh and bones
Useless when we leave.

What about the food for soul
It is so deprived
This is what is most in need
It hopes you will provide.

It’s starving for the nourishment
that’s been denied too long
The ego’s stealing all the food
Soul is put on hold.

Never do you hear its cry
The mind is occupied
In the world and fleeting body
Doom is on the rise.

Perform your basic grooming
Be moderate in food
Your time is very valuable
Try to make good use.

Give more attention to the soul
Being kind to you
In the end that’s what you bring
When your time is through.

With the ego you’re a soul
Without it you are free
When you shed the greedy ego
Spirit you will be.

Pleasure and Pain
Pleasure is the cause of pain
Inseparable twin brothers
Temporal pleasure has to end
Unfortunately you’ll suffer.

The mind and all the senses
Will overwhelm too much
Asking you for more and more
Nothing seems enough.

Obsessions and desires
Overload the brain
Getting to a point
where you can become insane.

Attraction and repulsion
The enemies of man
Bringing out the worst in you
One you cannot stand.

Attraction makes you crazy
Fight for what you long
Taking it to the extreme
Causing so much harm.

Repulsion is the worst of both
Cannot eat or sleep
Mad at interferences
that take what you want to keep.

When seeking worldly pleasures
Pain is at all cost
Earning disappointments
and serenity is lost.

The only way to help support
the multitude of pains
Is by going inward
where the bliss can be attained.

It is here inside of you
Bliss you cannot measure
Everlasting light of God
He’s the hidden treasure.

Hardcover: $20.00

Paperback: $15.00