Yoga for Body Mind Soul

Swami Chidanand

Swami Chidanand is a senior disciple of an authentic Guru and Yoga Master from India. For more than two decades her life has been dedicated to the practice and dissemination of the ancient science of Yoga.

Yoga is a science of physical, mental, and spiritual development. Swami Chidanand provides counsel and guidance to many seekers on the path, which means daily living as Yoga is not just a practice held in a classroom but is a way of being in every moment, with every breath, given by God. The spiritual instructions cover a wide range:

philosophy, scriptures, mantra, asana, pranayama, meditation, techniques for mental concentration and inner development, detachment, nutrition, prenatal, and above all universal love and devotion.

Without love and devotion to That which created us, one may find more challenges in their sadhana and daily life than neccesary, and possibly less fulfilling. Her deep understanding of the mind body connection aids the sadhaka whether they are in the beginning or more advanced stage.

In 2010 Swami Chidanand was initiated into the Holy Order of Sanyasa by her Guru. She has been entrusted with the mission to disseminate the ancient teachings of Yoga in order to help raise the health, living standards, and spirituality of the people.

108 Pearls of Wisdom by Swami Chidanand is now available »