Yoga for Body Mind Soul

Swami Chidanand

Swami Chidanand is a senior disciple of an authentic guru and yoga master from India. For more than two decades her life has been dedicated to the practice and teachings of the ancient science of yoga. In 2010 she was initiated into the holy order of Sannyasa, and she's been entrusted with the mission to disseminate the teachings of yoga in order to raise the awareness of health, living standards, and spirituality. Her life has been one of deep contemplation and inquiry into the mind and finer aspects of existence. From personal experience her foundation allows her to have a broader understanding of the human condition and the reality of the material and spiritual suffering that exists today.

Yoga is a science of living. It is not just an exercise regime in a classroom but a spiritual, mental, physical science that approaches the individual as a whole. Unfortunately the term has been adulterated and watered-down over the decades and converted into a multi-billion dollar business. Yoga is a science of inner discovery, and there is no quick fix or fast route when it comes to the spiritual path. It is a process that requires continuous effort and supportive guidance. Without proper instruction, one may find themselves lost and confused while attempting to overcome great challenges. Yoga is universal and for anyone regardless of race or religion. It can certainly make one more devoted to their religion of choice. Sadly, religions tend to divide, while the purpose of Yoga, which predates all religion, is union. It is our God given right to know who we are, and to understand how to balance the material and spiritual world and our connection to God and Natural Laws. May we all come to this realization, and experience the peace that passes all understanding.

Private instruction, group classes and workshops are available by appointment. Whether one is a beginner or years in the making, we are all somewhere and continue to move towards our destination. Feel free to send a message through the Contact page. Thank you for visiting.

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