Yoga for Body Mind Soul

Swami Chidanand

Swami Chidanand is a senior disciple of an authentic guru and yoga master from India. For more than two decades her life has been dedicated to the living practice and teaching of the ancient science of yoga. She has been authorized and entrusted to continue its dissemination. Her life has been one of deep contemplation, inquiry, and investigation into the mind and finer aspects of existence. From personal experience her foundation allows her to have a broader understanding of the human connection with the worldly and spiritual pains most of us suffer from today.

Yoga is a science of living - a spiritual, mental, physical approach to the person as a whole. It is not just an exercise regime in a classroom. Unfortunately the word yoga has been watered-down and polluted over the decades being converted into a multi-billion dollar business and industrial marketing ploy. There is no quick fix or fast route when approaching life and truth. It is a process with every breath given by Creation. Without proper instruction, one may find themselves going in circles or various directions on their so called quest feeling unfulfilled while attempting to overcome great challenges. Painfully many are beguiled and mistreated along the way. This is not yoga. It is our given right to know who we are and understand our connection to nature and its natural law, yet it seems real efforts have been made since time immemorial to suppress and destroy such creation. Sincerity and vigilance are most valuable in any approach to spirituality.

Private instruction, group classes and workshops are available by appointment. No matter if one is a beginner or years in the making... we are all somewhere and continue to go somewhere. Thank you for visiting.

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