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Psychic Development

Be the master of your destiny. Learn to control the finer forces of nature and actualize in your physical life things, events, conditions, and circumstances wished by you.

~ Yoga & Yogic Powers by Yogi Gupta

Psychic Development is the area of Yoga that deals with the development of the mental and psychic faculties. Man is a psychic being and therefore creates his environment psychically (consciously and unconsciously).

The objects, things, persons, and circumstances in his life are usually attracted by the mental patterns in his subconscious mind. He attracts to himself friends, success, and opportunity, or drives them away (unconsciously) due to the operation of the psychic law.

The law of the mind (which has existed since the world was created) is the law of psychic attraction, and it operates just as the law of gravity or electricity. The power of the mind is extremely strong and it is what creates the physical conditions in the world.

The mind acts for you or against you, working for you if you know how to use it. It can give you everything you want from health and wealth to disease and poverty.

The Psychic Development course consists of principles of the materialization of the world as well as the practice of mantra(scientific sound formulas), pranayama (breathing exercises), detailed visualizations, and mental exercises:

~strengthens ones psychic defenses becoming less vulnerable to negative vibrations

~helps change and improve conditions and circumstances in one's life by the neutralizing and development of mental patterns

~brings protection, peace of mind, and tranquility

~significant tool in spiritual development

~provides rarely taught knowledge of the principles of the creation of the universe

~includes Mantra to obtain unfailing results using the proven power of sound on the body and mind

~includes Pranayama (breathing exercises) to strengthen one's resistance to inner and outer negative influences

~includes mental exercises and directed visualization practices

Excerpts from Yoga & Yogic Powers by Yogi Gupta:

"It is your mental pattern and thoughts which create things, by which you acquire physical possession in the world in your everyday life."

"When thoughts become creative, their magnetic power starts to attract and draw, pull and push in numerous ways the things, persons and conditions necessary to materialize your thoughts into a reality."

“This power is within every one of you, but like anything else in this world it requires training and preparation to enable you to use these forces for constructive purposes in your life."

Some of these ancient Yoga teachings are in written form in the Atharva Veda(ancient scripture) however not in its entirety. They were passed down directly by a great Yoga Master from India, Yogi Gupta(as he was known in America) to His disciples. For 56 years He worked intensely to help raise the health standards(physical, mental, emotional, spritual) of the American people and to build a bridge between the East and West.

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